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PANDORA is a crime thriller set on a tropical Island, told through the eyes of three characters. JOE, a disgraced Metro cop acquitted of shooting an unarmed young woman, finds himself banished to paradise to cope with his troubled past with an old friend, ROY. There he witnesses an attempted kidnapping of a tourist woman which ends up getting Roy killed, sending Joe on a personal man-hunt for the murderer in a blind rage.

Born and raised on the island, LAMAR is a Hotel resort DJ seduced by the wealth on display by the vacationers he serves. He spends his days dreaming of a better life, while trying to survive day-to-day money struggles, which only worsen a when his cousin owes some local thugs a lot of money. Lamar decides to kidnap a wealthy tourist he’s been bedding (Jessica) and holds her for ransom. Yet the plan goes awry and, Lamar is double crossed and shot dead, his executioner a mystery.

JESSICA a sophisticated older woman, finds herself financially cut off and nursing wounds of a woman betrayed by her cheating husband who has found a ‘newer model’. She befriends Lamar, and suggests that they stage a kidnapping and hold her hostage, demanding a ransom from her visiting husband. When the kidnapping goes askew Jessica finds herself in real danger, her husband shot and killed, and everyone fighting for their lives.

PANDORA will feature three directors who will each use their unique style of directing to depict the worlds of each character, allowing the story to unfold with new information gleamed from each characters’ perspective as the story progresses.

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