by Lisa Goudy, Moose Jaw Times Herald – Published on March 09, 2016

Despite its title, people aren’t getting numb of local writer Andre Harden’s screenplay.

The film ‘Numb’ had its world premiere on Oct. 3 in Busan, Korea as part of the 20th Busan International Film Festival. Its North American premiere was at the Whistler Film Festival from Dec. 2 to 6. Now it’s coming even closer to home.

“This is what we’ve hoped for. It’s pretty unheard of to do an independent Canadian film to actually have it seen. That we would get a theatrical release is unexpected. It’s great,” said Harden.

Writer Andre Harden

Writer Andre Harden

“Initially it was, ‘Maybe we can make this for $50,000’ and just have something. It’s way harder to get your movie seen, though, than it is to actually make it. It’s because the prices come down. It’s like with music. Anyone can make an album on their computer, but there’s so much out there even when you make something, the questions is: Can you get it out there? Will people talk about it?”

On March 2, ‘Numb’ opened in 16 cities as a sneak preview via A71 Entertainment, the company handling the Canadian theatrical distribution. A71 made a deal with indie film series, Landmark Cinemas, which put it through B.C. and Ontario. In several places it showed for a week and in Toronto, it’s being held over.

But Harden was hopeful it would show closer to Moose Jaw and soon it will be. On March 11, it opens in Saskatoon at the Roxy Theatre and on March 18, it opens in Regina at the Rainbow Cinemas. Both cities will have multiple showtimes per day for a week.

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