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Key Creative

Book written by: Dave Bidini
Written by: Jay Baruchel & Jesse Chabot
Producer: David Miller
Executive Producers: Geddy Lee, Dave Bidini


KYLE is a young Canadian minor league baseball player, bound for major league stardom until his attitude gets in the way and he’s ejected from the league. When his grandmother passes away, he and his parents are willed to take her remains back to her hometown of Nettuno – a beautiful coastal town in Italy – and pay their last respects. For Kyle, who has never respected or learned of his Italian cultural roots, it’s not exactly a day at the beach. But upon arrival, Kyle discovers that Nettuno is the home of Italian baseball and has a Series B baseball team, The Peones – who could really use his help. So begins Kyle’s unexpected summer of Baseballissimo.

BASEBALLISSIMO is a story filled with comedy, mishaps, triumphs, grand slams, strikeouts, cornetti, spaghetti and above all, love, culture and baseball. The film is based on the book “Baseballissimo”, by Dave Bidini, is written by Jay Baruchel (GOON, GOON: LAST OF THE ENFORCERS, THIS IS THE END, HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON TRILOGY) and Chabot (GOON: LAST OF THE ENFORCERS), produced by David Miller (A71 Productions), and executive produced by Geddy Lee and Bidini.

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