#AnAmericanDream Trailer

Starts April 19

Starts April 19

William Bowman is a gullible but enthusiastic college graduate who has high hopes, and is sure that his lowly fast-food job will lead to greater things. When his gun-crazed father manages to get William a job in high finance, William’s can-do attitude and ability to follow the rules end up getting him noticed at the company, and it gets him a ribald sexual initiation as well.

But William’s path will be a rocky one. He is quickly fired after a takeover bid which sets William off on his own path in the world, where he becomes a travelling salesman of Christian fundamentalist propaganda books. Along the way, he finds himself lured into reality TV shows, sexual romps, and even co-hosting a public execution. But when William accidentally discovers a government cover-up and conspiracy he becomes a target of government agents who want to torture him and revolutionary activists who want to exploit him.

William manages to keep himself alive throughout this violent journey, but when he agrees to become the main character on a reality TV show called ‘Dead Man Running’, his status as public enemy #1 might just lead him to an untimely, but inevitable end.

Written and Directed by Ken Finkleman

An American Dream is coming to theatres across Canada April, 2017.