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Algonquin - Poster

Algonquin – Poster

JAKE, a bored high school teacher, reunites with his estranged father, Leif, who is a once famed but washed up travel adventure writer. Leif offers Jake the chance to co-author what he claims will be his masterpiece; a book about Algonquin Park.

When things take a turn for the worse it’s up to Jake to go back to Algonquin and finish the book. Upon Jake’s return to the family cottage he discovers that Leif has a mistress, Carmen, and another son, Iggy. Despite himself, Jake grows increasingly fond of the newfound family, and agrees to have Iggy join him in on a quest to find the secrets from his past.

ALGONQUIN is a story about family secrets, second chances, and discovering the bonds that connect us through our families having nothing to do with luck. You are your family.

Algonquin is currently playing on screens across Canada.