A71 is a dynamic boutique distributor on the Canadian Feature Film landscape.

A71 Entertainment focuses on acquiring award-winning and festival selected feature films applying high level strategic thinking to all acquisitions from the earliest possible stages of a film’s development. The company sets itself apart by virtue of a commitment to marketing a title on all levels, from industry to audience, with a specific commitment to reaching and building a broader audience in Canada, while considering the holistic saleability of the product internationally.

Previous releases include CHOKESLAM (2017), SADIE’S LAST DAYS ON EARTH (2016), NUMB (2016), ACROSS THE LINE (2016), BERKSHIRE COUNTY (2015), PRETEND WERE KISSING (2015), THE VALLEY BELOW (2015), IN HER PLACE (2015), SIDDHARTH (2014), IT WAS YOU CHARLIE (2014), THE HUSBAND (2014), ALGONQUIN (2014), and BLACKBIRD (2013).

The company, focused on bringing high quality festival films to theatres, was founded by Chad Maker, David Miller and Kirk Comrie in 2013.